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Quick-Drying Towel With Breathable Holes

$27.22 USD

1:Technology: the towel is made from cold fiber,  and it can absorb body sweat and reduce the fiber’s surface temperature as well as maintain long-term cooling effect, so as to quickly reduce the skin’s surface temperature, make you cool and comfortable.

2:Fabrics: The fabric is in high-density porous structure, which can fully absorb moisture and locked it in the fiber, so as to rapidly transfer the icy feeling to your skin and bring you a cool experience.

3:Comfort: the lightweight material makes it easy to be curled and carried. It feels smooth, soft, comfortable and skin-friendly. It can quickly absorb sweat to keep your skin dry and cool and enable you to maintain good exercise state.

4:Workmanship: Fluent cutting combined with meticulous edge closure, improves the tension resistance of the four sides, so that it is not easy to off-line even being repeatedly used. And it will bring you lasting comfortable experience.

5:Matching: there are in total three specifications for daily multi-scene usage to meet the needs of wiping sweat and cooling in exercise, fitness, yoga. Besides, a net bag is provided for convenient carriage.