Boundless Journey, Challenging Extremes, Camel!



CAMEL was founded in 2005. We specialize in clothes, shoes, and accessories for casual and sporting occasions, especially for outdoor activities. We are thrilled to show you the beauty of going outside, discovering an entirely different world, and eventually looking at life from a different angle.

Maybe you have already been a backpacker for a long time, maybe you are just thinking about it but haven’t taken the first step yet, well we are here to tell you, “Just try it once and you’ll love it”.

We’ll share our customers’ stories as well as outdoor activities held by sports fans or by us. Why do we do this? It’s simple: because we feel excited to explore the unknown places; because we want to unfold the mysteries with sports fans, fans of adventure and nature lovers; because there is so much beauty in the world, and we would like to be the one that helps you see it.